Wednesday, October 30, 2002

News item:

Coup attempt in Qatar on October 12/13.

From weblogger The Agonist: On the evening of October 12, “scores” of high-ranking Qatari army officers were arrested. Sources say that “U.S troops were involved in the crackdown, establishing roadblocks and, in plain clothes, participating in the arrests of suspects.” Some sources say that the plotters had al Qaeda links, others that they had Saudi links. But all sources agree that the goal of the plotters was “to change Qatar’s foreign policy.”

From UPI: Diplomatic circles in the Middle East are buzzing with rumors of a failed coup against the Qatari regime on the night of Oct. 13. At least two members of the royal family are said to have joined with officers of Yemeni and Pakistani background, along with individuals from Islamic organizations, all opposed to the growing U.S. military presence.


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