Monday, September 09, 2002

Where are the young ones?

On Sunday, there was an OpEd in the Los Angeles Times that discussed the problems with Republican Bill Simon's California gubernatorial campaign. In particular, the influence of the Rev. Lou Sheldon, a conservative evangelist, was noted. We've followed the reverend in the news for quite some time, and it dawned on us that he's getting on in years. In fact, isn't that the case for all the Big Men in the religious/political realm? We decided to do a little research, and here is what we've found:
who organization born age today reference
Rev. Sung Myung Moon Unification Church 1920 80 link
Rev. Pat Robertson Christian Coalition March 22, 1930 72 link
Rev. D. James Kennedy Center for Reclaiming America Nov. 3, 1930 71 link
Rev. Jerry Falwell Moral Majority (closed 1989) August 11, 1933 69 link
Rev. Lou Sheldon Traditional Values Coalition 1934 68 link
Dr. James Dobson Focus on the Family mysteriously impossible to find out est 60+ link
Gary Bauer * Family Research Council May 4, 1946 56 link
Robert W. Peters * Morality in Media 1949 53 link
Ralph Reed, Jr. * Christian Coalition ('89-'97) 1961 41 link

* operative only, not a reverend or preacher

Is this a sign that the movements are fading as a political force? Most of these guys were active fifteen to twenty years ago when they were in their early-40's to mid-50's. So where are the equivalents today? The closest thing seems to be politicians (like the president) who are more explicitly religious - but that's a pale copy of the real thing.


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