Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Monochrome days:

The Homeland Security Advisory System has been in effect since March 2002. It started out with an Threat Condition (for "a significant risk of terrorist attacks"), and has remained at that point ever since.

But in the news today, we read that:
  • The FBI is warning local police and the U.S. utility, banking and transportation industries of a steady stream of threats mentioning New York, Washington and the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.
  • Last week, the FBI posted a bulletin on a Web site and sent a message over a private law enforcement bulletin system advising a state of alert on Sept. 11.
  • U.S. military bases went on alert Monday.
  • A cable was sent to all diplomatic posts advising them to maintain a higher state of alert Wednesday.
  • So why hasn't the Threat Condition - for at least one week - been raised to High? (orange).

    There might be a last-minute change, but as of Tuesday, Sept 10, 10am ET, the condition is still Elevated according to the White House DoHS website.

    We couldn't believe it, but within a few hours of this post, the White House announced a change in the Threat Condition to
    Which means one of two things:
  • They are finally taking the warning system seriously, or ...
  • Ari Fleischer reads Uggabugga


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