Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Governor Jeb Bush's "private family matter":

By now, everybody has heard that his daughter, Noelle, has been caught with crack cocaine.
STORY: Gov. Jeb Bush's 25-year-old daughter was found with what was believed to be crack cocaine at a rehabilitation center, police said Tuesday. If confirmed, it would be her second lapse since entering court-ordered drug treatment.
With that in mind, we recommend people visit this site, where the governor's position on drugs is detailed. We couldn't help but notice this item:
Mandatory prison sentences for drug offenses

A minimum of three years will be mandated for any person convicted of possession, sale, importation, etc., of at least 25 pounds of cannabis, 4 grams of flunitrazepam, morphine, opium or heroin, 14 grams of amphetamine, 28 grams of cocaine and phencyclidine, or 200 grams of methaqualone.
Initial reports are that the "small white rock substance" which tested positive for cocaine, amounted to 2 grams. That, plus the fact that her DNA closely matches that of Florida's chief executive, should result in a mild penalty - if there is one at all.

At the website noted above (Jeb Bush's position on drugs) there is this line near the bottom:
Agree? Disagree? Voice your opinions on Drugs or about Jeb Bush in The Forum.
Well, guess what? If you click on either link, you get this:
The Forums area has been shut down.
ANOTHER UPDATE: How much is that rock cocaine in the window?
The CNN story (above) said it was 2.0 grams. But a subsequent AP story (via Salon) has it at 0.2 grams. Did it shrink?


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