Friday, September 13, 2002

Her Royal Highness speaks to the little people

First let me clarify what I
meant by riffraff. Being a slimebag
[makes you riffraff]. So who are these
slimebags? Why don't I name them? Because
I refuse to give the limpets more

I will ... tell you what makes them slimebags. It's
deliberate dissemination of outright lies, slanders, and
defamations designed ... to strike at another person's
standing in the community

I would ... be interested to hear from the lawyers
out there about what the rumblings are in the
legal community regarding blog abuse and
what can be, or perhaps is already
being done about it.

Norah dear: Perhaps you should contact Ann Coulter. She's a lawyer - familiar with lies, slanders, and defamations - and a conservative, just like you.

Hey Kaus! Nora also said,
"I am ... taking deep breaths to temper ongoing thoughts of hiring a hit man."


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