Friday, September 07, 2007

Powerline blog on Bin Laden's latest video:

It's got everything: ad hominem, specious reasoning, up is down-ism, along with a big dose of contempt for liberals. (emp add)
  • "It has never been plausible to suggest that the war in Iraq is anything other than fundamental to our conflict with al Qaeda and related groups; after this video, any such suggestion is impossible."
  • "Second, the affinity between Muslim extremism and Western leftism has never been so clearly displayed."
  • "Remember the video that bin Laden released just before the 2004 election? It was virtually a campaign commercial for John Kerry."
  • "... it sounds like [Bin Laden] may be a fan of left-wing web sites as well. Thus, "all of mankind is in danger because warming."
  • "Speaking of Vietnam: just as the Democrats can't let go of Vietnam analogies, neither can bin Laden."
  • On Iraq, bin Laden reads from the liberal script. Iraq is a "civil war;" ... the justifications for the Iraq war are "based on deception and blatant lies;"
  • "I'm starting to think bin Laden is a regular poster on the Daily Kos."
  • "Bin Laden's tirade does have a point: "To conclude, I invite you to embrace Islam." Presumably the American liberals who share so many of bin Laden's beliefs don't intend to convert."
This is Limbaugh territory.


Did they include the part about the 2.5% flat tax rate that bin Laden favors?

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