Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Twisting words:

Via Political Animal, we learn that the Al Franken blog has commented on misleading statements by Brit Hume (first caught by Media Matters). Read the Franken blog for the best summary. We decided it merited a diagram. Watch how Brit Hume moves the logical furniture around.

Hume took FDR's overview statement, applied it to Social Security ("should include ... voluntary"); took a phase-out element from Old Age Pensions and applied it to Social Security ('ought ultimately to be supplanted"); and finally implied that the "government funding" to be supplanted was Social Security's (not the OAP), leading to a 100% private accounts system.



This is why I visit!

I sent a copy of the image to Brit's e-mail, as he is apparently too stupid to connect the dots from lying to resignation.

I hope that your image helped, and he's done.

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