Saturday, October 09, 2004

Money talks:

You've no doubt heard about Sinclair Broadcast Group's decision to air an anti-Kerry movie in prime time shortly before the election (if not, see TPM). We took a look at the Yahoo message board for their stock (symbol SBGI). Now this is very early in the process and message boards contain all manner of posts, but we thought the following were representative of reasonably sober financial opinion:


Here an article from the LA times.

This stock is an excellent short candidate due mainly to the insanity of the management.

The new boycott e-mail I received recommends selling this stock if you own it and shorting this stock if you don't.
Re: boycott I received the same email and saw a brief spot regarding the boycott on MSNBC late last night. This is a horrible business decision by SBGI yet again. Putting politics before investors is ridiculous.

This stock is about to take another cliff dive. Management needs to wake up while they still have a stock worth ANYthing.
Dump this TURD They do not know how to run a credible business but instead undermine any opportunities with political agendas.

This thing stinks.
Boycott If Sinclair goes through with their plans to broadcast the Kerry "documentary" shortly before the election, expect boycotts against Sinclair's affiliates and advertising sponsors. This could adversely affect the stock price in the short-term. Long-term, if Kerry should win the election, he could try to punish Sinclair for its actions.
Re: Boycott Sinclair's decision to require it's stations to show a right wing political film right before the election is unethical and a horrible business decision. In a divided country, we need to be able to trust an objective press. Clearly Sinclair is putting their right wing political agenda way ahead of the Company's goals and their employee's needs. If this is an example of the judgement that Sinclair Management uses on a day to day basis, the long term outlook for the Company is horrible.


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