Wednesday, September 22, 2004


A few more words about Nicky Kristof's Op-Ed complaining about the presidential campaign. He writes:
... Republicans should be denouncing the smear against Mr. Kerry's war record, and Democrats should be denouncing their candidate's protectionist tone on trade.
Kristof is asking Republicans to denounce an independent group for campaign tactics.
He is asking Democrats to denounce their own candidate on policy grounds.



Save for Paul Krugman and [sometimes] Maureen Dowd, the NYT has been utterly COINTELPRO'd for years. Remember--these are the bastards who gave the Whitewater farce legs and bought up all the real estate in Times Sq. before writing how 'deteriorated' the area was [actually, it was interesting and vibrant], backed mayors for 'gentrification' of the area, and now we have Hello Kitty shops paying tribute to NYT's coffers for the enjoyment of vapid Japanese tourists.


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