Sunday, September 05, 2004

It was twenty-seven years ago today:

From Today in History:
In 1977, the U.S. launched the Voyager 1 spacecraft two weeks after launching its twin, Voyager 2.
Still going strong, according to JPL/NASA. We read:
At the outer limits of our solar system, a solar shock wave is about to overtake NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft.

July 13, 2004: When Voyager 1 signals NASA, which it does almost every day, there's usually not much to report. The spacecraft is nearly 9 billion miles (14.5 billion km) from the sun, at the edge of our solar system. It's quiet out there, dark and uneventful.

Voyager 1, prepare for action.

A solar blast wave is heading for the spacecraft, and "it could arrive at any moment," says Ed Stone, project scientist for the Voyager mission at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Mega cool.


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