Monday, September 20, 2004

Great questions!

From today's Remarks by the President at "ask President Bush" Event transcript: (excerpts, emp add)
THE PRESIDENT: Now, let me answer some of your questions, and then -- yes, sir?


AUDIENCE MEMBER: We love you, President Bush.

Q ... I just want to say, thank you, as being a beacon of strength at a time of need for our country.

Q ... I hear a lot of things in the press in regards to what's happening in Iraq. I don't appreciate the fact that the press only presents a certain point of view.   ...   I watched a special on Fox News last night on the U.N. -- the oil for food scandal. And the thing is, is that when it comes down to the oil for food scandal, we have a lot of countries that opposed us at the very beginning of the war that have a lot of money staked in with Saddam. And I was just wondering if, when you address the U.N., do you plan on bringing it up to these countries?

Q ... why don't either the Defense Department or the State Department provide a weekly briefing on all the good things we're doing in Iraq? (Applause.) It's not just fighting over there.

Q We can't leave Iraq on a timetable that Senator Kerry says. We have to stay there until the job is done.

Q I'm a retired Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. (Applause.) And I can tell you from the observing of your unworthy opponent, I would not want to serve under him as Commander-in-Chief.   ...   My heartfelt prayer to you, sir, is, stay the course and win the election in '04.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, sir. I can't conclude on a better note. Thank you all for coming. God bless.
And you thought Gary Trudeau was exaggerating. (These cartoons are from last week.)


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