Saturday, September 04, 2004

Forget about Zell Miller, what about George Pataki?

Did you catch this part of Pataki's speech on Thursday at the RNC (just before the video and Bush speech): (emp add)
The president took strong action to protect our country. That sounds like something any president would do. How I wish that were so.

You know the history. Osama bin Laden declared war on America -- and then came the attacks -- the first World Trade Center, the embassies, the USS Cole, hundreds dead, thousands injured.

How I wish the administration at that time, in those years, had done something.

How I wished they had moved to protect us. But they didn't do it.
Clinton didn't do anything to protect the country?   Not true.

One thing we know for sure is that Bush didn't do squat his first eight months in office.


It seems to me that in politics is is possible to create a 'fact' where the was none. Get enough people nodding and it's true for purposes of utility. I am not about to trot of the phrase 'Big Lie' in your news comments section, but I could.

By Blogger brainhell, at 9/04/2004 9:23 PM  

I guess this was all just a dream...

By Blogger Tod, at 9/05/2004 9:33 AM  

Actually the CIA brought down the World Trade Center.

But you Americaans are too stupid to see the truth.

Now your Empire is crumbling.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/21/2007 12:19 AM  

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