Sunday, September 05, 2004

Dirt, mud, and more mud:

Well, it's come to this. Mark A. R. Kleiman has a post, Susan Estrich goes nuclear. where he says:
Bush's return to drinking is apparently common knowledge in DC, though it seems unlikely anyone will talk on the record.
But his post is pretty much a reproduction of Susan Estrich's column entitled Lies move Democrats to dig up dirt.

In the same vein, Digby has penned an entry, Diving Into The Mud, where he says:
Dirty, hate filled, testosterone fueled, phony political spectacle is what the public wants to buy. They are not going to turn off their car radios and TVs and suddenly reject the entertaining pageant they are enjoying so much. They will continue to assure pollsters that they hate all this negativity, but they will tune in to absorb the bloodlust and feel vicariously empowered by this show of masculine prowess. They want action. They will vote for the one who gives it to them.
And that elusive species, The Daily Brew, rolls out an essay, Throwing Mud, where it is written:
To beat Bush, John Kerry is going to have to go profoundly negative. And while a general consensus has been reached that the time has come to throw down the gauntlet, in my humble opinion, no one (at least no one that I have read) has put their finger on which attack will actually work. So let me repeat another observation I made three years ago.

Bush must be attacked for his chicken-shit response to the attacks of September 11.
As Richard Nixon once said, "Fasten your seatbelts!"


This is just salacious enough to have some traction with the poodles.

Let us beat the drum...

By Blogger Tod, at 9/05/2004 5:16 PM  

I hosed the link.

By Blogger Tod, at 9/05/2004 5:21 PM  

Sorry, blogger won't accept its own urls. Funny, that.

By Blogger Tod, at 9/05/2004 5:23 PM  

"Bush must be attacked for his chicken-shit response to the attacks of September 1"

I am reading the 9/11 Commission Report, and it what Bush did after his 7-minute blackout (keeping the kids calm) was to get with his speech people and work on a speech. (Nation under attack?! Work on a speech!). Meanwhile Cheney was gaiving a shoot-down authorization, but Bush and Rice made up a story that it came from Bush -- even though all records (notes, minutes, etc), and all NORAD conversations show that Cheney did it.

By Blogger brainhell, at 9/06/2004 8:17 PM  

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