Sunday, August 22, 2004

Ask him the damn question:

On Meet the Press we heard a familiar refrain from Ken Mehlman, Campaign Manager, Bush-Cheney '04: (excerpts, emp add)
We have from the beginning said we believe that these commercials, the commercials of all these 527s--remember, Tim, there's $500,000 behind this new ad. There have been $63 million of these ads run against this president with all kinds of outrageous charges. We've said from the beginning we think these ads are wrong, we think these ads are contrary to the BICRA law. We've called for them to be pulled down.

This campaign in no way is supportive of any independent ads or any 527 ads. From the beginning, we've called for them to be taken down.

It is my position, it is the campaign's position, that all of these 527 ads are wrong and they should all come down.

We condemn all of these 527 ads and we have from the beginning.
Here is a partial list of 527 organizations:
White House spokesman Scott McClellan should be asked, "Why does the Bush campaign object to ads that the Oregon Grocery Association might run? What are they doing that is objectionable?"

The point being that some groups are innocuous, some are vibrant, and some are out right liars (e.g. Swift Boat Veterans). So why not condemn only those 527 groups that are acting irresponsibly?

We eagerly await McClellan's answer.


Your main point is correct - its about free speech, and this should not be restricted. The politicians and the big media organisations have an interest in controlling opinion-making and would be better off without the 527s.

However, I think the Swiftvets have made some good points, which even Kerry has apparently agreed with given that he has changed his story in a couple of places.

If he thinks they are wrong, he could do a lot to demonstrate this by releasing ALL his military records. If he doesn't release all his records then folks just might think the Swiftvets have a point.

Do you really think the Swiftvets are lying? It seems they are the ones staying calm and pointing to evidence whereas Kerry is trying to hide the evidence.

By Blogger Splatterbottom, at 8/25/2004 2:47 AM  


Mmmm, tasty Kool-Aide. Keep drinking, it may cause cancer.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/26/2004 1:39 AM  

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