Thursday, April 24, 2003

Well, we couldn't resist:

Bush Regime Playing Cards


! Wanted !


  • Looting Social Security trust funds
  • Taking the country to war under false pretenses
  • Ripping up the safety net
  • Eviscerating democracy
  • Strangling civil rights
  • Assaulting the New Deal
  • Being a partisan hack
  • Peddling economic snake oil
  • Perverting the Fourth Estate
We thought Bush should be the lowest ranking Ace.
Believe what we say, or Johnnie will get the Feds after you.
Smooth, poised, and vicious.
Knaves, the lot of them.
Powerful, but largely unknown.
Never met an activist conservative judge he didn't like.
Smooth talkers.
The moral/religious brigade.
Turn the television off if you see these folks.
We will dazzle you with our eloquence.
Their goal: Defund the federal government.
Attack dogs.
The bottom of the barrel

NOTE: A special thanks to the research department at busybusybusy who helped us with this project.


This post reminds me of the Most Wanted Chinese Playing Cards poker deck. A political satire deck that identifies the names faces and positions of 52 members of the Communist Party of China.

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