Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Don't blow it!

While we sympathize with gays and others on issues of privacy, we think the most potent aspect of Santorum’s comments were the attack on married couples.

Santorum believes:
  • The government should have the ability to regulate contraceptive use by married couples.

  • Certain sexual practices should be outlawed even for married couples.
The left will be foolish to concentrate on the gay issue (meritorious though it might be). But comments disparaging gays are issued on a near-regular basis by Republicans. So it's nothing new. And also, from a political point of view, gays are easy to dismiss by the right. But here we have the 3rd ranking Senate Republican saying that the government has a role in the bedroom of married couples. That's a huge demographic. Don't lose sight of it.

UPDATE: As expected Rush Limbaugh is framing the issue as one of gay outrage towards Santorum.


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