Saturday, March 22, 2003

The right never rests:

Donald Luskin, writes in the National Review Online an article entitled: Meet the Krugman Truth Squad, which is an essay about Krugman "fact checkers". These "checkers" include Luskin himself.

Here's an example of how these folks operate:
Krugman writes:
"The members of the Bush team don't seem bothered by the enormous ill will they have generated in the rest of the world. ... Victory in Iraq won't end the world's distrust of the United States because the Bush administration has made it clear, over and over again, that it doesn't play by the rules. Remember: this administration ... mortally insulted the Turks ..."
Luskin-approved "fact checker" Hoystory writes:
"Insulted the Turks? They don't sound too insulted to me."

[That's a link to a brief AP wire story, "Turkey races for vote on U.S. troops", about Turkish leadership moving for a vote on basing troops. Which in the end, wasn't granted.]
That's the quality of "Krugman fact checking" these days.


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