Thursday, February 06, 2003

Oh, my God!

Not only does Bush want drug addicts to be able (using federal vouchers) to go to religious organizations for treatment via "faith healing", but today we read this:
Bush Urges Prayer During 'Testing Time'

President Bush on Thursday urged Americans to pray for God's guidance as the Columbia tragedy, potential war in Iraq and the constant threat of terrorism pose "a testing time for our country."

[At the National Prayer Breakfast] the crowd included 56 senators, 240 House members, first lady Laura Bush, National Security Director Condoleeza Rice, Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and CIA Director George Tenet.

"It is fitting that, in the midst of tough times, that these two leaders are sharing with scripture and prayer with the country," the president said of Myers and Tenet.


Bush said America will triumph over adversity because of the character of its people, the desire by all people to be free of oppression and the will of God.    He said events don't move by "blind change and chance."
For more of this insanity - especially Bush's likely miscalculation of risk (which we warned about) - see our earlier posts here and here. (or search on this page for "Gergen")


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