Wednesday, November 06, 2002

A few items:

  • Where is that emerging Democratic majority? Didn't see it on Tuesday.

  • NBC invited Rush Limbaugh to participate in their election night coverage, where he was given several minutes to pontificate (5min 20sec virtually uninterrupted). That was a huge portion of their one-hour program (excluding commercials and local election updates, it's more like 40 minutes). Congratulations to NBC for bringing in a guy who recently called Mondale and Lautenberg "cadavers" and who regularly refers to the Democratic leadership as "creeps".

  • The Supreme Court's 2000 Bush-Gore ruling was said to dispirit Democrats. Then there was the steamrolling for the tax cuts. Then there was September 11. Now this election. Is there any energy left to go on?

  • Tim Russert tells the truth. On NBC's Today show he mentioned that Bush had campaigned very hard. Then he said:
    "People voted for the President over their economic concerns."
  • Small satisfaction: It doesn't appear that any races were decided as a result of the Greens.

  • Everybody is saying that now that the Republicans have control of Congress and the White House, there will be "no excuses" should there be problems in the next couple of years. Oh yeah? Look for any difficulties to be blamed on the Democrats - at least in right-wing AM land.

  • We repeat ourselves. Remember this item about DNC head Terry McAuliffe?
    Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic national chairman, said today that his No. 1 goal in the Nov. 5 elections was to defeat Gov. Jeb Bush in Florida.  24 OCT 2002

  • Did you know? In the Mississippi Senate race, the two candidates were a Republican incumbent (Cochran, who won) and a Reform challenger (O'Hara). No Democrat ran. What's with that?


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