Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tom Friedman's empty rhetoric:

In an Op-Ed this Sunday, Friedman tries to make the case for "nation-building" in America. In what way? Basically through a domestic version of (what used to be called) Japan Inc.:
fix education,... research renewable energy, ... repair our infrastructure, ... help others
With, of course:
big profits and big purposes
Don't ever say Friedman takes his eye off the ball (profits).

But in his essay titled Who Will Tell the People? (!), he never mentions:
  • Bush's tax cuts - and commensurate budget restraint in R&D, education, and infrastructure.
  • Free Trade and Globalization - which makes it difficult for a first-world economy to chart a path of growth while at the same time competing against the cheap labor of emerging states.
  • The huge drain of money and manpower of the Iraq War (which Friedman supports).
To mention a few significant items. Friedman, as an Op-ED columnist can say what he wants, but instead of putting his ass on the line by advocating policies that might offend, he prefers to sit back and say:
We need a president who is tough enough to tell the truth to the American people.
What a wimp.


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